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    Are you willing to find out how much compensation you are entitled to in case your Emirates flight got delayed? As per the Emirates Flight Delay Compensation Rules, passengers are qualified to a compensation if their Emirates flight is delayed by more than three hours. The compensation amount can vary depending on destinations. For instance, a monetary compensation of 250 per person is given for flights within the EU and 600 per person for all other destinations. In addition to that if the passengers had to stay at a hotel, Cost of hotel accommodation in case of overnight stay is borne by the airlines. And under certain circumstances if a traveler decides to cancel their ticket, the cancellation or rebooking fees as applicable might depend upon situation, however, they will be reasonably refunded the amount of the unused or un-flown part of their ticket no matter the class or type of the ticket. The Emirates Flight Delay Compensation Rules are clear and easy to understand. Undoubtedly, If your flight was delayed by more than three hours, or cancelled, you're entitled to a refund for the unused portion of your ticket, along with compensation for any expenses incurred as a result of the delay or cancellation as discussed above.

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